• Title : 1978 Hồ Vinh Hoa tiên thắng Chu Vĩnh Khang
  • Date : 04 Feb, 2014

1978 Hồ Vinh Hoa tiên thắng Chu Vĩnh Khang

It was early spring in 1978. The National Team Championships were to be held in April in XiaMen. The XiangQi association of ShangHai organized a small competition for the top 8 players in ShangHai in preparation for the event. Hu RongHua emerged victor by amassing 11 points. In his match against Zhu YongKang, Hu played brilliantly and unconventionally, sacrificing his chariot to set himself up to win with his chariot and horse. The thousands who watched the match applauded heartily when it was over.

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